Soni Irawan Solo Exhibition

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Takeover Commission 2018: Colossus

The Takeover Commission with the Arts Centre Melbourne and Melbourne Fringe is into its 2nd year. For 2018, Takeover supported a hugely successful dance work called Colossus by Stephanie Lake, one of Australia's most inventive and celebrated choreographers. Supported by a cast of 50 young and emerging dance students from the Victorian College of the Arts, Colossus saw the stage flooded with bodies in a heaving, living, breathing, mass of bodies moving in complex unison and wild individuality.

Liplap: 35 Bandung Artists under 35

Project Eleven is proud to have sponsored the publication of the book 'Liplap: 35 Bandung Artists Under 35', organised by artists collectives Gerilya and Omnispace. The book features the artistic practices of 35 young artists currently active in the Bandung art world. The artists were chosen by their own peers, in a unique ranking system informed not by aesthetic judgments of their work but by their holistic contribution and activity. It is our hope that the book will become a useful reference and introduction to the Bandung art world.

Australia Indonesia Arts Forum - 
Residency Programme - Jumaidi Alfi & Ugo Untoro

Jumaldi Alfi and Ugo Untoro are leading Indonesian artists and members of a dynamic art community based in the central Javanese city of Yogyakarta. They participated in a residency programme with the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne) in September 2018. The artists held a public talk about their work and contemporary Indonesian art and culture, on 25 September 2018 at the Buxton Contemporary and were joined by Jon Cattapan (Director, Victorian College of the Arts), Sally Smart (Vice Chancellor’s Fellow) and curator Natalie King (Enterprise Professor) from The University of Melbourne.​​​

This event signalled the launch of a three-year project between Indonesian and Australian artists, with a residency program and associated events. The program is hosted by the Victorian College of the Arts and the Centre of Visual Art, and supported by the Australia Indonesia Arts Forum and Project Eleven.

Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition 2018

Project Eleven is proud to have supported Musica Viva's Melbourne International Chamber Music Competition 2018, which is now in it's 8th year.

Australia Indonesia Arts Forum - 
Residency Programme - Eliza O'Donnell

Artist in residency Eliza O'Donnell from Grimwade Institute, Melbourne University undertaking conservation work at Ruang Dalam in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. The work shown in this video are Entang Wiharso's paintings, part of the collection of Yayasan Rumah Melanie. Thank you to Ibu and Pak Gusmen at Ruang Dalam who have hosted Eliza since March 2018.

Follow link to Eliza's article in the International Institute for Asian Studies newsletter, published in the Netherlands.

Residency Progam at RMIT University and Multicultural Arts Victoria - Tisna Sanjaya

2 December 2017

Speculative Entertainment No. 1 Sydney Edition
7-10 September 2017
Carriageworks, Sydney

Is there something truly universal nowadays, when human conception about value has been influenced by many factors and layered dimensions? What is more valuable when all of this factors and dimensions are detached? The answer then refers to “time”. Hahan observes that human’s process, actions, opportunities, predictions, and hopes cannot be separated from time.

4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art and Hahan gave audiences a chance to become part of an experimental art market at Sydney Contemporary 2017 in Speculative Entertainment No. 1 Sydney Edition.

“Speculative Entertainment No.1” is an ongoing project that developed from Hahan’s experiments about time and privilege, as well as an interest to experiment with the art market and use it as medium. This work is intended to hack the art market, and particularly to hack the artwork collecting system which usually limited. This work was initially exhibited during ARTJOG 9 (2016), an annual artist-based art fair in Yogyakarta, and has also been presented in conjunction with 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian art at Art Central Hong Kong (2017).

This work consisted of a 7.5 m x 2.6 m painting which was divided into 1,619 square lots. Each lot was sized 10 cm square and the price for each lot was twice the entrance fee of the art fair. During the exhibition period at scheduled times, the audience could become “collectors” with the same opportunities, hopes, privileges, and speculations by choosing any lot they wanted at the venue. The audience members who purchased the lot(s) were encouraged to speculate by re-selling it according to their own speculative price and Hahan, as the artist, charged a 10% commission from the selling.
Speculative Entertainment No. 1 Sydney Edition was co-commissioned by 4A Centre for Contemporary Art and Project Eleven.

Discordia - Arts Centre Melbourne & Melbourne Fringe
27 Sep - 1 Oct 2017

Discordia took us through the darkest corners of the Arts Centre Melbourne, led by a sect of prawn-worshipping rose beige humans.
These professional absurdists attempted to prove that truth is stranger than fiction by forming an officially recognised religion in front of a live audience, using movement, an original score, sculpture and voice.

This group of artists converted to Discordianism earlier this year have been building their church of Holy Chaos ever since. The unveiling of their church will took place on 27 September with recruitment drives happening for five consecutive nights.

Departing from the Fairfax Studio foyer, the journey was narrated by the iconic voice of TV goddess Lee Lin Chin.

Tisna Sanjaya - Art is a Prayer

27 February to 3 March 2017
State Library of Victoria

Tisna Sanjaya, one of Indonesia's most respected contemporary artists, performed in Melbourne as part of the inaugural Asia-Pacific Triennial of Performing Arts (AsiaTOPA). Project Eleven is proud to have supported the project in conjunction with Multicultural Arts Victoria and the State Library of Victoria.

Tisna Sanjaya combines visual and performing arts to express his concerns and raise awareness of social-political and environmental issues in Indonesia. Art is a Prayer was inspired by his research into the State Library's collection and embodies the connection between art, nature and humanity.

The performance was aided by the Jeprut Community of Bandung.

Thank you to Annie Kaune for the Youtube links.

2016 - Salda

On Tuesday, 24 May 2016, Konfir Kabo and Melani Setiawan opened a solo exhibition entitled 'Salda' by Korean artist Lee Juree in Ruang Gerilya, an independent artists' space in Bandung, Indonesia.

The exhibition was the culmination of a 2-month residency programme initiated by Ruang Gerilya in collaboration with the Jeonbuk Museum of Art. The program is run with the support of Project Eleven and the Korean Cultural Center of Indonesia.

2016 - Uncomfortable Pieces

This was followed on 19 August by another Korean artist, Kim Yeon-Kyeong with her exhibition 'Uncomfortable Pieces'.

2016 - Merayakan Murni

Project 11 broke its rule of supporting living artists in 2016 due to the exceptional circumstances and work of I Gak Murniasah or more familiarly known as 'Murni' - arguably Bali's most important yet overlooked female artist. Murni lived from 1966-2006, born into a poor farming family and later working as a domestic helper. Her work was initially rejected by some of the best galleries in Ubud due to her lack of formal art education and the confronting, often sexual nature of her work.

A retrospective of her work was exhibited at Sudakara Art Space, in conjunction with Ketemu Project Space from 16 July - 18 September 2016. Project 11 supported the retrospective via the publication of the exhibition catalogues and booklets.

​The following is an excerpt from an article written by Jean Couteau entitled 'Murni's Woman Call':

​'To say that Murni's paintings are surprising is an understatement: some of the objects she presents in her work are for good reasons rarely named, and even more rarely shown: penis, vagina, lower lips, nipples and more. But when she does show them, they are not what you expect: penises will be ill-shaped, outsized, but ever present, sometimes "on the prowl", and often standing in places where they should not. Vaginas and lower lips may be "open" on the expectative, the object of a cult, turned into a peering eye, or suddenly pierced out of nowhere by an unwanted object. As for the breast and nipples, when recognizable and not eagerly sucked on, they are simply witnesses of the above and more... Yet, in te middle of these weird sexual fantasies also appear forms and messages that consist of simple lines, flat colors ad elementary structures that reveal Murni's original self and world, that of a simply woman faced with the throes of life, and who overcomes them, almost unwittingly through the artistic expression of an "outsider" - an "outsider" artist who was a shock to the Indonesian contemporary art world of her days.'

2016 - Patriot Mukim

Project Eleven is also proud to support the Ruang Gerilya residency programme in sending Bandung artist Patriot Mukim to Korea for an exhibition from 21 - 29 December 2016.

In this exhibition, Patriot was inspired by the actual political events in South Korea during his stay where they were large weekly demonstrations calling for the President to step down. Patriot wove actual rally pamphlets with photos of the demonstrations.

6-17 December 2016
​fortyfivedownstairs gallery

Crossing: Beyond Baliseering presented Melbourne with a glimpse of the ever growing contemporary art scene hailing from Bali, Indonesia. This exhibition featured works from emerging Indonesian artists exemplifying the dynamism of contemporary art beyond Baliseering, or in present-day expression, beyond the ‘traditional art’ Bali is famously promoted and known for internationally.

The policy of ‘Baliseering’ was first introduced in the 1920s by the Dutch colonial government to train locals to continue the traditional arts of dance, theatre, painting, sculpture and literature. Visually, this meant that art portrayed scenes of the Balinese in cultural activities and ‘authentic’ settings that fastened in the Balinese art identity through media and tourism. This exhibition featured works of art from 11 contemporary Indonesian artists beyond the boundaries of baliseering, tackling themes of personal life experiences, environmental, social and political issues that may focus within the Indonesian context but resonates to the global stage. Crossing: Beyond Baliseering aims to highlight the artistic and thought-provoking talents of Indonesian artists and create a platform in understanding contemporary Balinese and Indonesian culture maintaining a cultural bridge between Indonesia and Australia.

Crossing: Beyond Baliseering comprised an extraordinary range of paintings, photography, sculptures, and large-scale installations exploring and reflecting Bali’s visual and social culture in the contemporary society. The exhibition included works from Art of Whatever, Aswino Aji , Budi Agung Kuswara (Kabul), Citra Sasmita, I Made Suarimbawa (Dalbo), Kemal Ezedine, Natisa Jones, Slinat, Valasara, Wayan Upadana, and Yoesoef Olla.

This exhibition was presented by Project Eleven as part of Multicultural Arts Victoria’s Asian contemporary arts festival Mapping Melbourne 2016 and was held at Fortyfivedownstairs Gallery, 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne VIC 3000. The artists also presented an artist talk on Wednesday 7 December at the Sidney Myer Asia Centre, University of Melbourne.

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